'Packing in everything you could want to know about setting up, shooting and distributing your work, this is the last word on its subject'

Empire Magazine, FIVE STARS

The Documentary Film Makers Handbook contains over 110 interviews with top doc industry professionals. We have asked them the questions that you NEED the answers to. EVERY aspect of documentary filmmaking is covered such as: finding your subject, exploring the various doc genres (from political to nature to IMAX), budgeting, fundraising, broadcasters (including HBO, MTV, National Geographic and Discovery), ethics, interview techniques, archival footage, censorship, organisations, crew, docu-dramas, production and post, film festivals, and distribution (traditional, grass roots and new media), survival AND a global perspective that explores documentary filmmaking around the world.


Included are 24 inspirational case studies that take an in depth look at some of the most cutting edge and controversial docs from today (Control Room, Born Into Brothels, March of the Penguins, Mad Hot Ballroom, My Date With Drew, Dogtown And Z-Boys, Riding Giants, Why We Fight…) Read how these present day intrepid explorers faced everything from death and the extremes in Antarctica, shooting in "Axis of Evil" countries such as North Korea and Iraq during the war on terror, torture and imprisonment in Indonesia, kidnapping in Colombia and banishment from China. But docs are not all doom and gloom. Follow the inspiring stories of children learning skills to better their worlds, teenagers advocating sex education in Christian right wing Texas and the genesis of modern day skateboarding. Further, expert advice comes from Nick Broomfield (Kurt And Courtney, Aileen: Portrait Of A Serial Killer), Michael Apted (The Up Series), Barbara Kopple (Harlan Country U.S.A.), St Clair Bourne (Black Journal, Paul Robeson: Here I Stand!) and R.J Cutler (The War Room, American High). In addition there are hundreds of useful tips, technical info, forms, documents and websites in easy to read sidebars that will save you time, money and gray hairs.

The Documentary Film Makers Handbook is a continuation of the best selling series on narrative film, The Guerilla Film Makers Handbook. Written by Genevieve Jolliffe and Andrew Zinnes, The Documentary Film Makers Handbook pulls no punches and is THE ultimate guide to making your doc!

ISBN 082647988X    RRP £29.99

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