Reader Comments

'Every time I bought this book someone stole it. It's that good.'
Nicola Fletcher, Producer.

‘There are filmmaking guides, and then there's the MovieMakers Blueprint. I can't think of a better companion to guide you through the filmmaking process. Brilliantly accessibly, engaging and packed to bursting with first-rate expert advice, worked examples, flowcharts and case studies; it's both a film school, and a 'cookbook' from a masterchef. Essential reading’.
Nic Wistreich – The Film Finance Handbook

‘The level of detailed knowledge in this book is simply incredible. It eased me through scriptwriting, guided me through pre-production, kept my sanity while shooting, cajoled me through editing and yelled at me through marketing! Every problem, every joy and every decision I encountered making my film was foreseen in it's pages. As a direct result, my debut feature got made, shown at the cinema and is now selling around the world.
Allin Kempthorne - Producer / Director, ‘The Vampires of Bloody Island’

‘The Movie Blueprint Book was my second investment in the movie business -- after my camera. I tend to zone if confronted with too many obscure details or movie references, but this is the perfect mix of fun, technical details and everything you need to know to make your own movie. It leaves in the challenges of making movies, but encourages us to believe that we can create the world we see in our heads. And so I did. Thank you, Movie Blueprint Book’.
Michelle Denise Norton - President, Lonely Pond Productions, Inc.

‘Yet again Chris Jones has produced a career changing book. In the future how many great film makers will reference him for having shaped their careers. For god sake someone give this guy a decent budget to make his movies – the Future of British film depends on it. This book is marvellous!
Simon Cox - Writer/Director Kaleidoscope Man

‘Chris Jones knows how to make the complicated simple
Elliot Grove, Founder, Raindance Film Festival

'Every time I bought this book someone stole it. It's that good.'
Nicola Fletcher, Producer.

‘The bible of film making, the ultimate resource for anyone interested in making movies’ "A friendly easy to read guide that takes you step by step through each stage of film production, making the impossible seem possible."
Darren Horne - Film Lecturer Cumbria University

‘Buy this book... it's f***ing brilliant!’
Andy Sutton, Filmmaker

‘Hands down the best book on the subject out there. Chris Jones is an authority and leaves no part of the process unexamined.’
Jonathan Newman, Feature Film Director

‘Everything you need to know; all in one book! Perfect!
Helen Oakleigh, Director

‘Guides you through the multi-layered maze of Film Production decision making with ease! A must read for every producer
Damien Donnelly – Producer

‘Making a movie is a daunting task, but this book takes away the initial fear by dividing the whole process up into simple steps that even I could follow!
Ian Read, director and webmaster of

‘Art is something special-and so is this guide’.
Andy Williamson, Film Maker

‘The Movie Blueprint Book is the single most important piece of film making equipment you'll ever own.
Allin Kempthorne - Producer / Director, ‘The Vampires of Bloody Island’

‘If you are going to take the plunge and jump into Independent Filmmaking, this is the life-jacket you need!’
Dominic Bradley, Producer

‘Written for a filmmaker by a filmmaker. Whether you’re just starting out or advanced. A one stop no compromise Compendium of everything.’
Mark Williams – Film Maker

‘You'll probably develop a stoop from carrying this book. From pre-production, through shooting, editing and marketing, it has never left my side. I've now got back-ache, but my debut feature is in the cinemas!
Allin Kempthorne - Producer / Director, ‘The Vampires of Bloody Island’

‘The Movie Blueprint gave us the structure and mindset to continue when all
seemed against us. It's a MUST read for guerrilla filmmakers…
Glen Maney - Director - THE LIMELIGHT

‘I teach students Guerilla Filmmaking. This book is the text because it applies!
Leonie Jones - Lecturer, Film & Television
School of Creative Arts, University of Southern Queensland

‘As Martin Riggs said in Lethal Weapon 4 “Don’t be a don’t be, be a do be!” Don’t talk about making movies do it! This book it’s a map guiding you through the hash jungle of movie making. Be a do be and kick the British film industry’s bum!
Ian David Diaz (Writer/Producer/Director)

‘Wow! this is the baby. Full, in depth and right to the point. Now there is no excuse not to make that next big picture.’
Harold Gasnier, Producer/Director-24 Carrot Films Ltd.

‘If you're serious about your craft - buy this book!
Shandé Niemann, Writer and Film Student, Bournemouth Film School

‘It's accessible, fun, practical, and reading it will turn your shoot into the professional project you know it can be!
Stephen de Villiers, Film Student (South Africa)

‘I've done the course and now I'm a producer, but still a virgin producer, this book has taken the confusion away and given me the courage to produce my first feature knowing I have back up whenever I need it.’
Jill Divine, writer and producer

‘It's a massive book, to download all the information you need about filmmaking directly into your head. Then put it into practice and wuallaaa!! you are a filmmaker, so I did!
Dan Rodriguez Writer/Director for the upcoming short film: "Guilt- Trip" coming soon!

‘Informs, educates and entertains... inspirational!
Martin Bowen - Film Student

‘If your serious about film making then make this book your BIBLE, a must have
Mark Rawlings, Film Maker.

'The Movie Blueprint was the first filmmaking book I read. By the end I felt that I had already made my first film and that experience was invaluable at the start of my career.'
Matthew Morreale - Director/Producer (Yoga Maya Films)

‘Whether you are a beginning filmmaker or an experienced veteran, The Movie Blueprint will offer insight and a lot of problem solving solutions when working on a motion picture. This book is direct and brutally honest, which makes it easy to follow and helps you prepare for a rigorous production. If you want to make a movie, then The Movie Blueprint will tell you exactly how to do just that.
Daniel Sanz, Producer
Fade 2 Black Productions, Inc, Boca Raton, Florida

‘This was a real eye opener. everything you need is covered to get you on your way and further. Truly inspirational very well written.
Wayne Campbell, Aspiring scriptwriter and director

'It's a weighty tome that lightens the load for low budget film-makers.'
Merlin Ward

'If you have a tight budget but want to make a professional looking film this book is essential. It never left my side whilst through the whole production
of man_in_a_hat'.
David Hare (Director, Producer and Editor of man_in_a_hat).

‘I've found it a great resource. Well laid out, easy access to vital information, when you need it fast, and a mass of accurate, sensible, advice. Great for new filmmakers’.
Susan Douglas Writer/Producer/Director

‘After I got your book I was really pleased with the purchase and your down to earth approach with things. The book and your advice has been an unbelievable insight into all things filmic!
Chris Lumb

‘I made a feature film and sold it to the first territory this month on the strength of this book. I've never been to film school and didn't have the first clue on how to make a feature. All I had was this book and some balls.
Janey, Toaster Productions

‘If I were ever on Desert Island Discs, I'd take my Canon XL2 as my luxury item and Chris Jones' Movie Blueprint Book as my reading material.
Ray Battersby, Moving-Media Communications

‘Inspiring. Invaluable. Indispensable.
Chris Burton, Filmmaker.

‘This book takes you step by step through the entire filmmaking process, and doesn't sugarcoat anything! Chris Jones tells it like it is.
Areya Simmons (Director and Writer)

‘Chris Jones inspiring book guided me all the way from just thinking about making a film to the 2007 Melbourne International Film Festival.
Stefen Lewis Writer-Director-Producer

‘This book is known on set as the Blue Bible. Without it I very much doubt I'd have successfully made a single feature; I'm now shooting my fourth. It's the best money you'll ever spend, and will save you the cover price a hundred times over during the production process. Seeing my film on the shelf of the video shop that I used to work in was one of the greatest moments of my life, and I doubt it ever would have happened without this book
Pat Higgins, writer/producer/director of TrashHouse, KillerKiller and Hellbride.

‘The Movie Blueprint is an invaluable resource for any production company that is either making their first feature, or like our company, moving into feature films having made a number of short films. Marry this with the masterclass offered by Chris, it is hard to see how you can ground yourself in the knowledge it takes to succeed in getting your feature made whilst avoiding the pitfalls that await the new filmmaker.
John Schwab - Producer, Solution Films"

'Without the essential information this book contains I'd have been lost in the world of film production. As detailed and enlightening a guide as a novice - or a pro for that matter - could wish for.'
Iwan James Benneyworth, Writer-Director

‘They have got me through film school and are an essential read and viewing to anybody wanting to make films. They are like the Blue Peter of film books. Cheers.
David Hare, Hare Brained Films

‘You can't plan on making a movie without this book.
Tom Waller, Producer

‘I use this book as a Bible on all my shoots and it's never once let me down. Buy it and let the worship begin.
Tom Armitage: Writer/Director

‘The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook - invaluable education and inspiration from cover to cover’.
Pete Bryden - Producer (Summerton Mill)

‘If you want to know what goes on behind the camera to create what's in front of the camera, this book tells you all you need to know.
Lee Neville, Actor and Director

'Constantly reading, re-reading and recommending this book. If you're making a low budget movie and you don't have it buy this copy now.'
Mark Brisenden - Scriptwriter, Editor.

'If it's about low budget film making and it's not in this book you probably don't need to know it'.
Mark Brisenden - Scriptwriter, Editor .

‘We bought the Movie Blueprint specifically to help with production of our first feature project. An absolutely invaluable text… we start shooting in a month.
Maria Ellis-Producer, Bradgate Films

‘The Guerilla Film Makers Movie Blueprint by Chris Jones is a road map for film makers. It shows you how to go from dream to reality with the least amount of pain for gain. If you do get lost making your film this will put you back on track.
David Fussell

‘Absolutely brilliant book. I recommend it to all my students and have personally bought 3 copies so I have one at work, one at home and one I lend out.’
Phil Peel Course Leader BA Film - Arts Institute at Bournemouth

‘Easily the best way to get the fire started, everything you need to know, in an accessible and straight-forward manner, if you’re lost, start here, and you will know where to begin your journey, as well as having a reference for the times when your own experience-doesn’t quite cover the situation.’
Joshua Halewood (Beginning Film-maker/Writer/Musical Composer)

‘I'm starting shooting my first feature next week - without this book I would never have got anywhere near this far. It's an essential kick in the pants for the serial procrastinator.’
Rakie Keig, Director