In Development... ROCKETBOY

Teenage Connor lives on a remote Scottish Island, a community whose male population has all but been wiped out in a tragic boating accident. His only escape from this world is through the amateur rockets he sends streaking up into the stratosphere. 


Into this world comes a stranger, a writer, with a daughter Becky, who due to a bizarre skin condition cannot go into sunlight - both Connor and Becky have lived lonely, nocturnal lives - and it’s only a matter of time before they meet...


Semi Finalist in the Academy Nicholl Felowship Award in 2016

In Development... TRANSPLANT

Set in the near future, where cloning simple organs has become legal and affordable, surgeon Rebecca Goode has a decision to make when her son develops a disease which requires a heart transplant. Does she follow her Hippocratic oath as a physician, or does she follow her instincts as a mother... We follow as Rebecca undergoes a modern Frankenstein like journey into the hell of genetic engineering gone wrong... very, very, wrong...

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