Rocketboy... Synopsis and Artwork

The feature length follow up to the Oscar shortlisted short film Gone Fishing by Writer and Director Chris Jones, Rocketboy, is a heartwarming story of friendship, first love and daring to dream the impossible dream.


Living on a remote Scottish island, young Connor McLeod is expected to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a fisherman. Instead, and despite pressure from his father and bully of an older brother, Connor chooses to embark on a fantastical life of dream chasing and rocket building, encouraged by his eccentric Grandfather. Their impossible goal? To beat the Americans to the moon!


When Becky, a gregarious, artistic but troubled young deaf girl, returns to the island to live with her father, the reclusive lighthouse keeper (Joseph), she is mistaken for a vampire by the local kids due to her unusual appearance. Despite an awkward first meeting involving fangs, blood and a seemingly demonic dog, Becky and Connor become friends, and upon discovering her metalwork talents, Connor quickly recruits her into his Rocket building mission.


But with a history-making-deadline looming, disapproving parents trying to stifle their dreams, and Becky’s old school Governess Violet Hogbottom hell bent on tearing her away from her new found friends, freedom and ambition, Connor and Becky are going to have to face all their fears and out smart all their foes in order to boldly go where no man, woman, girl or boy… has been before.


In a place where nothing is possible; with the help of friends, family… and the Queen of England… they might just achieve the incredible!


Concept Art by Matt Allsopp