'Four Nights In August' Film Challenge Winners Announced

After fourteen days of film production and 24 entries, we have a winner! Anil Rao, who shot Milethia Thomas’ screenplay, ‘Why?’ won the film challenge at the London Screenwriters’ Festival 2011 (pictured here are Anil and Milethia).


Judges comments included Eddie Hamilton (X-Men editor)…

‘Very cinematic, excellent use of camera, composition, editing and music… a tour de force, and for me the clear winner.’


Producer Jeremy Bolt (Resident Evil Franchise) commented…

‘Subtle and visually bold. Made you think and the boys performance was very

believable ­ it was understated. I also thought editing, cinematography and music were very strong.’


Congratulations to you both, and also to David Turner who finished joint first with Milethea in the Screenplay contest.

Can you make a great movie from a terrific one page script? This was the premise of this competition. Film makers were offered two screenplays (read below) that were the winners of the London Screenwriters Festival One Page Script competition, and given fourteen days to shoot, edit and complete them, before being judged by a panel of industry experts.

Judges include Paul Greengrass (director), Philip Bloom (DP), Eddie Hamilton (Editor), Russell Mulcahy (Director), Chris Collins (BFI) and Jeremy Bolt (Producer)

Read The Scripts

'Why' by Milethia Thomas
Joint winner of the 'Four Nights In August' competition for The London Screenwriters' Festival
Adobe Acrobat Document [51.8 KB]
Everything You Need by David Turner
Joint winner of the 'Four Nights In August' competition for The London Screenwriters' Festival
Everything You Need.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document [9.2 KB]

The Six Finalists (in no particular order)

'Everything You Need' by Team Montage
The final moments spent in an elderly mans lifelong home, having only enough time to collect his memories. WATCH HERE

'Everything You Need' by Hayle Molyneux Stuart
I interpreted the script as being about somebody helping a person more vulnerable than themselves in a time of need and desperation, and decided it would be interesting to make the main character deaf instead of elderly. WATCH HERE

'WHY' by Anil Rao
Our time fractured film encapsulates the emotive reasoning behind action and reaction, the eyes tell our story. All people are fallible, it's what we do with failure that leads us to what we become. WATCH HERE



'Everything You Need' by OneDay Productions

Directed by Aidan Sheridan, Produced by Chris Delaney, Camera by Tom Woodman with Abigail Hamilton as Sally. WATCH HERE

'WHY' by Precipice Films

Kyle has risked everything for his grandmother, but at what cost?
Filmed in HD (Canon 5D Mk II), Produced by Precipice Films, Directed/Edited by Chris Meier, DOP - Simon Morris. WATCH HERE

Eveything You Need by Ricardo Birnbaum

Directed by Ricardo Birnbaum & Heather McDevitt Barton, Produced and Edited by Ricardo Birnbaum. Shot in Knoxville, TN WATCH HERE

Runners Up (in no particular order)

‘WHY’ By Peter Coster,  Dragons Lair Films
My version of ‘Why’ stars Doctor Who star Tommy Knight and an exceptional actress: Heather Skermer with extras Brandon and Connor Coster. I had no crew, everything behind the camera was completed by myself. WATCH HERE

Everything You Need by Fred Bouchal
Cast : Marguerite Perez as Sally, Director : Fred Bouchal, Writer : David Turner, Assistant Director : Yoann Cohen, Music composer : Fred Bouchal. WATCH HERE

Everything You Need by DarenDino Productions, starring Shirley Jaffe as Sally.

Sally is watching the London riots on television when she is alerted she need to leave her home as the violence escalates. Leaving behind her home and memories is a painful decision. WATCH HERE

'Everything You Need' animated by Mark Morris

How important is the technical side of a film? Most will say script and actors are king. A film with no acting then.




'Everything you Need' by Nik Morris
In the midst of the London riots, Sally says goodbye to the home she made with her late husband. Directed by Nik Morris, starring Margaret Hillier, assistant directors: Will Edwards, Josh Hatfield, and Sash Sullivan.

'Why' by Larry Mockus and Garry Walsh 




'Why' by Louisa Mayman

A short film capturing a moment of realisation, and a devastating decision you can't come back from. WATCH HERE

'Everything You Need' by the Kingsley-Hughes famil. We made this as a family project using stills, stop motion and original video. We wanted to emphasise that mementos of a life are alive with memories hence the animated belongings Sally must leave behind.


'Everything you need' by New Dawn Productions.
We wanted to capture the fear, Violence and the reality of the riots just outside your window. Directed by Mark Adams, Camera Stuart Gilmartin, Starring Merrel Veitch as Sally and Mark Harvey. WATCH HERE

'Why' by Unsound Productions
The first of hopefully many more collaborative efforts by former students of the Digital Skills Academy. Constance Kattchin Camera/Editor, Barry Connolly Sound, Jason Goad Lighting, Jack Byrne Music, Kevin-Scott Crawford 1st AD, Robert O'Meara Director. WATCH HERE

'Everything you need' by Liz Mitchell
Directed, shot and edited by liz mitchell. The film took a week to shot and edit, shot on a JVC handheld camera. With thanks to Audrey & Richard Mitchell. WATCH HERE

'Everything You Need' by Andrew Montagu
My film shows how war and destruction can be echoed in times of uncertainty and rage, and the choices that destruction forces people to make. Starring Denise Casey as Sally. WATCH HERE


"Everything You Need" by Ross Burchfield and Bo McKenzi.

Directed by Ross Burchfield, photographed by Bo McKenzie, and starring Michele Seidman, "Everything You Need" measures the weight of coming to terms with a reality not sanctioned by the evening news.


'Why' by Amvid Productions

In the midst of the London Riots, a parent anxiously waits at home watching television for news of their child...  (Produced, shot & Edited in 4 days by Amvid Productions.)

In the midst of the London Riots, a parent anxiously waits at home watching television for news of their child...

(Produced, shot & Edited in 4 days by Amvid Productions.)

Everything You Need by Brian Robinson

An old woman considers what is most important amongst her possessions as she spends her final moments in her home before it is burned down by rioters. WATCH HERE

'Why' by Robert Pinera.


'Everthing You Need' by Jonathan Sinclair


'Everything You Need' by Robert Isaac Harker

This film draws upon the personal experience of the film-maker and his wife, of eviction from a home where they had lived for 27 years, and of learning to let go.