Past movies and Future projects

Living Spirit currently has two features under development, Rocketboy and Transplant. We have in the past produced three feature films and an Oscars shortlisted short film (detailed below). We continue to also work in the commercial sector, producing product launch films and music promos.


Meet The Nativity

Four comedy drama webisodes to promote the Christmas message for Speak Life.

4 x four minutes, total running time 16 minutes.
Social reach around half a million plays.


Seeing Him

'An exceptional and haunting short' // View of the Arts

The film is spearheaded by first-time writer and filmmaker Vanessa Bailey and directed by Chris Jones, multi award-winning director and author of The Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook. Seeing Him is an independent, short drama fueled by the team's belief in the script and the emotional heart of the story.


Twisted50 // Paperback, Audiobook and soon movie

'Twisted contains some of the best examples of horror fiction I’ve read in years. Most story collections or anthologies have a few duds. Twisted is the exception. The stories are all fantastic and hugely enjoyable.'
// The Book Lover's Boudoir'

While currently not a movie, Twisted50 is already published in paperback, Kindle and audiobook, and the feature film project is underway through Create50. Fifty new writers work has been stitched together to make a truly twisted read, reminiscent of Tales Of The Unexpected, Hammer House of Horror and Pan’s Horror Anthology books so popular in the late seventies and early eighties.


The First Film

'Wilkinson's intriguing documentary makes a convincing case… while others will be captivated by a flickering story that blends intrigue, industrial espionage, and possibly even murder' // Mark Kermode

The First Film, co-produced by Chris Jones of Living Spirit Pictures, explores the enduring mystery behind the inventor of film Louis Le Prince and his untimely disappearance. The film premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival on June 2nd 2015 before a general release in UK cinemas.


50 Kisses // Feature Film

'A triumph....a quick succession of twists and terrific ideas, swinging from comedy to tragedy and back, is almost overwhelming first time round!' // Dominic Wells, Former Time Out Editor

Fifty Kisses is the Guinness World Record holding crowd created feature film with multiple stories connected by one thing – a Valentines kiss. Irreverent, charming, ridiculous, moving and at times wonderfully profound, 50 Kisses features everything from love struck zombies, androids and teddy bears to… fatigue fighting lesbians! 50 Kisses is the world's first crowd generated feature film; a multi-cultural and global reflection of pop culture’s vision of love in the 21st century.


Exam // Feature Film

'An assured debut feature with a superb performance from Luke Mably — it makes The Apprentice look like Blue Peter' // Empire Magazine

'Exam' is a high concept single location thriller, written and directed by Stuart Hazeldine. Chris Jones, from Living Spirit Pictures, acted as associate producer on the film, which has since sold to most territories worldwide and been remade several times.


Gone Fishing // Short Film

'What a truly wonderful screenplay!' // Henry Fitzherbert, Film Critic, The Sunday Express

Gone Fishing is our Oscars shortlisted short film. Written and directed by Chris Jones, itu is the  moving story of a young boy and old man as they deal with bereavement through their love of fishing. The tale is wrapped around Old Bill’s story of how when he was a boy, he tried to catch the worlds biggest pike, making this an unusual ‘Jaws for kids!’ tale.


Urban Ghost Story // Feature Film

'Genuinely haunting' // The Independent

Urban Ghost Story is a multi award winning feature film, a supernatural drama set against a Glaswegian backdrop of urban decay. Based upon reported events, the story  centres around a young girl who suffers a car accident and lies dead for 184 seconds before being revived by the emergency services - after strange things begin to happen, Lizzie becomes convinced she has brought something back from the ‘other side’...

White Angel // Feature Film

'Extraordinarily well made... 'White Angel' has an indefinable, haunting quality... grotesquely compelling...!' //

Starburst Magazine

White Angel is a gripping serial killer thriller staring  Oscar nominee Peter Firth as the mild mannered murderer Leslie Steckler and American actress Harriet Robinson. It premiered as the centrepiece of the 37th London International Film Festival and since collected a host of international awards. Now out on double DVD with Urban Ghost Story.


The Runner // Feature Film

'A breathtaking all guns blazing action adventure' // The Daily Express

The Runner aka Survival Island, aka Escape From... Survival Zone, is an action thriller set on a remote Canadian Island, and was the first movie produced out of the Living Spirit Pictures camp. The Runner was shot in North Wales and in mines in the Cotswold area of England. It stars Terence Ford, Paris Jefferson and Ivan Rogers.