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Gone Fishing is now available on the iTunes store for iPod, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. It's costs £1.49 in the UK and $1.99 in the USA. Click here.

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing is the touching story of a boy and old man coming to terms with bereavement through their shared love of fishing, and the legend of Goliath, the biggest pike ever caught!

Financed by 150 film makers, Gone Fishing is a short film directed by Guerilla Film Makers Handbook Author Chris Jones. Thirteen minutes of magic that will touch and move you.

The story is in part autobiographical - while growing up, director Chris Jones and his friends would often attempt to catch the legendary 'Oscar the pike', a fish that according to local myth terrorized the lake at the end of his road, the aptly named Blue Lagoon. This was the inspiration behind the legend of 'Goliath', the big fish in this even bigger tale.

Think 'Jaws' but for kids...

Produced as a specific attempt to win the Oscar for best short film, Gone Fishing was actually shortlisted to the final ten films from which the five nominees are drawn in 2009. The movie has now won over 40 international awards, including the prestigious Producers Guild Of America Producer Challenge in 2009.

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Gone Fishing... the soundtrack

Unusually, the score for Gone Fishing was put together from various music libraries. Most notable was UK based library Audio Network. The choice to use library music was made by Chris as it was the only reasonable way to get that 'BIG' movie sound that a huge orchestra can offer, without bankrupting the film. As Chris states, 'Even if we convinced a top composer to write us a score, we would still need to get it recorded, and convincing a 180 piece orchestra and choir was too big an ask...'


How It Was Made...

  1. We documented the whole making of Gone Fishing on Chris’ blog here. Below we have listed a few dates of distinction.
  2. We also built a 100% online workshop for film makers, about making a world class short film. You can join here.
  3. We have 99.5% FIVE star feedback from the hundreds of film makers who have accelerated their careers by taking the workshop. You can sign up here, and read feedback here.

'Stunning. Just stunning. Chris's "Gone Fishing" seminar is one of the most inspirational, practical, expert pieces of media on filmmaking I've ever experienced. It's up there with "Story" in the list of most helpful filmmaking resources ever...'

Hugh Hancock, author of Machinima For Dummies

Gone Fishing Stills Gallery

Dates Of Distinction... and the push for the Oscars at Rhode Island Documentary