Urban Ghost Story

Urban Ghost Story is a multi award winning feature film, a supernatural drama set against a Glaswegian backdrop of urban decay. Based upon reported events, the story centres around a young girl who suffers a car accident and lies dead for 184 seconds before being revived by the emergency services - after strange things begin to happen, Lizzie becomes convinced she has brought something back from the ‘other side’...

Based upon several documented poltergeist cases in the UK, Urban Ghost Story examines not only the obvious disruption a poltergeist infestation would cause, but also that of the often obsessed investigators, researchers and theologians.

It is documented fact that poltergeist infestations are more likely to occur around an adolescent female who comes from a strenuous home and who has recently sustained a trauma of some kind. This has led many to the conclusion that poltergeist activity is driven by inner and frustrated emotions, such as, in our case, guilt…


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Read the Paranormal Research Notes on the real cases we got involved with.

Urban Ghost Story shooting script
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Reviews in brief...

"Packed with spine-tingling thrills, 'Urban Ghost Story' is one of the most intelligent British horror films in years... 'Urban Ghost Story' manages to create a truly disturbing sense of unease and anxiety ... . Don't see it alone."
Carlton Popcorn

"...genuinely chilling moments... Heather Ann Foster is an astounding young talent"
Dreamwatch *****

"...utterly electrifying... Heather Ann Foster illuminates Urban Ghost Story with compelling intensity."

"...impressively chilling and emotionally articulate ... Scary, subtle and smart..."
Film Four

"...performances are uniformly outstanding and Jolliffe’s direction is low key but right on the money."
Darkside Magazine

"Ken Loach meets "The Exorcist"

"Trainspotting out of The Exorcist"
Sunday Times

"Jones and Jolliffe show they can multiplex with the best" 


"genuinely haunting work"
The Independent