Urban Ghost Story, The Music Score

The original music score for Urban Ghost Story was written by Rupert Gregson Williams. It was essential that the music reflect the complex emotions within the story, weaving a musical tapestry that hinted upon solitude, guilt, innocence, and above all, to reflect these emotions in a contemporary and spiritual style.

This was acheieved in two main ways. Lizzie's theme is almost always played on a piano, accompanied by flute or solo female vocal. This helped internalise the thought processes Lizzie feels during the film, ultimately reflecting her solitude.

For the bigger moments in the movie, an ethnic, vocal drum and bass style is used. This allowed the music to soar without ever having to adhere to the christian style music so often used in spiritual movies. It also captures the essence of Lizzie, young, angry and confused at her situation.

Rupert is the brother of Harry Gregson Williams, the composer who wrote the score for Living Spirit's second feature, White Angel. Rupert spends much of his time in LA, composing on Hollywood films, as well as working here in the UK.