White Angel (aka Interview With A Serial Killer)

White Angel aka Interview With A Serial Killer (US Title) is a serial killer thriller produced by Living Spirit Pictures. It stars Peter Firth as Steckler, the mild mannered killer, and Harriet Robinson, the husband killing author whom Steckler blackmails into writing his biography. An intense character study of murder, White Angel received critical acclaim when it premiered as the Centrepiece of the 37th London International Film Festival.


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The Story...

London is in the grip of fear - the nightime shadows are stalked by a ruthless serial killer, The White Angel... This time however, the killer is rumoured to be a woman.

Award winning crime writer Ellen Carter once had everything going for her - an exciting career and a wonderful house... However, with the investigation into the disappearance of her husband she became a suspect in his 'possible' murder. With no body, there was no evidence and she was released. Her writing suffered and soon Ellen Carters financial situation gradually worsened and she was forced to move and rent out rooms to help make ends meet.

When Carter receives a reply to her ad in the press for a 'third woman to share a house', she and Mik, her friend and tenant, eagerly await the arrival of Leslie Steckler. Leslie, however, turns out to be a male - "I'm sorry - I must have misread the ad". Steckler turns out to be harmless, and quite charming. Mik enjoys his presence and soon Steckler has managed to worm his way into Carter's confidence - as Mik declares, "It might be nice to have a man in the house".

Steckler is in...

Soon a darker side of Steckler begins to show...He installs heavy locks, disappears late at night and seems to have a strange fixation with the young and pretty Mik. All the time, Inspector Taylor, an old adversary of Carters is asking questions. Steckler searches through Carter's belongings and makes a grisly discovery - plans of the house showing that a new wall appears to have been errected - behind which is buried the five year old corpse of Carter's husband..When Carter returns from work she is confronted by Steckler - he explains who he really is - and what he really wants..."You're a writer - I want you to write the life story of Leslie Raymond Steckler - the WHITE ANGEL - so that when l am gone, people will know the meaning of my actions."

Carter has no choice - she is trapped - she cannot go to the police..."You see, I have all the evidence against you in my safety deposit box, and should anything ever happen to me, it will all go straight to the police..."

Carter agrees and begins work on the book. Steckler is almost jubilant, "We are carved from the same stone - birds of a feather - we're both killers."

Carter delves deeper, researching with endless interviews. A bond of disgust and pity begins to develop - Carter is amazed and horrified at Steckler's evil deeds which began years back with the killing of his wife. Since his first taste of blood, he has killed many times..."the secret is to dispose of the body. If they don't have a body, they don't have a murder-just a missing person". Steckler's obsession with Mik grows and after an argument with Carter, Mik disappears. Carter returns home one evening to discover Steckler burying what looks like a body in the back garden...

Ellen Carter is no longer left with an option - she MUST stop Steckler - at any cost... A deadly game of cat and mouse begins, where the lines between murder and manslaughter, sex and obsession, and right and wrong become irrevocably blurred. Steckler realises that he is no longer the hunter, but the hunted.