Phil Parker: Writing For The Digital Age (bios below)
Phil Parker looks at the skills of short film, and series, writing, and how they have become the essential writer’s foundations for the future. From web series, mobile downloads, and games, TV series and feature films how does a writer write in the new digital opportunities world?

PHIL PARKER - Development Consultant
Phil launched his new film company NyAC in 2006, and currently has six films in development. He is one of Europe’s most distinguished independent development consultants. His clients have included Aardman Animation (the Oscar winning WALLACE AND GROMIT - CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT and multi-award winning THE PEARCE SISTERS): the Mob Film Company (Terry Prachett’s THE HOGFATHER); Alexandros Film (EL GRECO – Greece’s highest box office film in 2007).; the UK Film Council, Berlin-Brandenburg Medienboard, PRIME Exchange, and Nord Media.

2011 will see the launch of Dynamic Universes- a new multi-platform development and production arm of NyAC which seeks to use cloud technology to enhance collaboration and development of new original narratives on all platforms.

Phil founded and ran the most successful MA Screenwriting course in the UK from 1992–2004. Graduates from the course have been Oscar nominated; won a Palme D’Or, several BAFTA’s; a Silver Bear and numerous short film festival awards. In addition, over 170 (more than 70%) have now achieved screenwriting credits throughout Europe and the USA.

Phil is the author of The Art and Science of Screenwriting which has been translated in Spanish and German, and lectured in Spain, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, and India.