Film Makers Video 'VodCasts'

We hope you enjoy our film makers video VodCasts, they are designed to help YOU make your films more efficently, get better exposure and tell more powerful stories. If you enjoy them, you will also like our Guerilla Film Makers books and our training courses. And don't forget our 'Production Office' TV show with hours of interviews.


Phil Parker on Writing For The Digital World, 1 Hour Seminar

Phil Parker looks at the skills of short film, and series, writing, and how they have become the essential writer’s foundations for the future. From web series, mobile downloads, and games, TV series and feature films how does a writer write in the new digital opportunities world?

Watch Seminar

Linda Aronson on being a 21st Century Screenwriter

In this 30 minute interview, Linda deconstructs the traditional three act structure and shows how 21st Century writers can powerfully use tools such as parallel narrative, flashback / falshforward, multiple lead characters, to write scripts and make movies that speak to contemporary audiences. The interview also includes an entire chapter from her groundbreaking new book, The 21st Century Screenplay, whcih deals with writers block. Make a cup of coffee now and settle into a mini seminar with a master of the art and craft of screenwriting. Watch and read here.

Chris Vogler on 'The Hero's Journey'

We filmed this interview as Chris Vogler could not make it to the festival this year. His work on ‘The Hero’s Journey’ though his workshops and books has transformed many screenplays. In this interview, Chris offers insights into screenwriting in 2010, shares ideas on how the Hero’s Journey can be used as a tool to quickly build ‘pitches’ and discusses ideas on how to improve your writing immediately with unique 'tools'. To watch this interview, simply sign up to our newsgroup to the right and you will be sent a passcode. Click here to sign up.


Eddie Hamilton on 'What does HD really mean?'

HD is a phrase used repeatedly, but not all HD is the same. What does 4:2:2 really mean? What does, compression, pixel ratio, 4K or 2K, 8bit, 12bit, 16bit, HDCam yada yada… What does it all mean? Watch world class editor Eddie Hamilton as he explains in great detail, what all those numbers, phrases and terminologies really mean to you the film maker – be you a producer, editor or director. It’s illuminating! To watch this 45 minute workshop you need to sign up to our newsgroup here, and you will be sent a login email.

Editor Eddie Hamilton on cutting 'Kick Ass'

Eddie cut 'Gone Fishing' (trailer here) for us and most recently (you can buy it here), he has spent 18 months working on Kick-Ass as one of the editors, alongside Jon Harris and double Oscar winner Pietro Scalia, who Eddie speaks about in this interview. I filmed this video blog with him as I wanted to give you access to his world, to this moment in his life, as the biggest film of his career hits the screens. It’s very exciting and inspiriting to see him in his element! Watch Here.

The Festival Experience with Alex Fazeli

When I was in LA, I met with film maker Alex Fazeli, shot an interview, and I wrote about it on the blog at the time. His interview is a bonus feature of the now, 14 hour Guerilla Masterclass: Making The World Class Short Film, that is delivered totally online. His interview is about his experiences while on the festival circuit with his 35mm short, ‘In The Dark’. Watch Here...