Editor Eddie Hamilton on cutting 'Kick Ass'

Eddie cut 'Gone Fishing' (trailer here) for us and most recently (you can buy it here), he has spent 18 months working on Kick-Ass as one of the editors, alongside Jon Harris and double Oscar winner Pietro Scalia, who Eddie speaks about in this interview.


Eddie Hamilton, Kick Ass editor with Chris Jones I filmed this video blog with him as I wanted to give you access to his world, to this moment in his life, as the biggest film of his career hits the screens. It’s very exciting and inspiriting to see him in his element!

We spoke for just over half an hour and he was brimming wit the usual infectious energy that makes him everyone’s favourite editor. After the interview, he played me a few of the music cues from Kick-Ass, which I must admit, sounded awesome.

Eddie also shared some technical information, which the editors among us will find fascinating.


KICK-ASS was shot on Anamorphic 35mm, telecined to HDCAM, then digitized and cut on Avid Media Composer at 1080p/24 DNxHD36 resolution.  


For those who are interested you can download Eddie's original post production flowchart here.