What Does HD REALLY mean? With Film Editor Eddie Hamilton

BONUS WORKSHOP  -  HD with Eddie Hamilton (45 mins)

Notes - This was recorded last year to help untangle the confusion over HD formats and what HD really means. It's a bit propeller headed, but also quite eye opening.

UPDATE – Since filming, Apple have released the ProRes 422 codec, which broadly does the same job as the Avid DNxHD codec – more info on Wikipedia here.


Feedback from entire workshop

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'Stunning. Just stunning. Chris's "Gone Fishing" seminar is one of the most inspirational, practical, expert pieces of media on filmmaking I've ever experienced. It's up there with "Story" in the list of most helpful filmmaking resources ever...'
Hugh Hancock, author and guerilla showrunner (Author of Machinima For Dummies)


'Chris and co have created something truly original and incredible value for money with this course. I just couldn't recommend it enough.'
Dean Lines, Film Maker, Manchester


'A real eye opener, I can't tell you how many light bulb moments I had... The career plan laid out by Chris is genius. No more mental barriers of figuring out what to do next - instead a clear, concise plan with every step serving a purpose'
Film Maker


'An affordable, brilliantly conceived and innovative approach to learning about the film making process. Chris’ engaging and inclusive approach allows the participant straight in to the heart of the project, where the learning curve will be steepest, but also of the most value.'
Joe Atkins, Film Maker, France


'I truly believe that the course has forced me as a writer and director, to sit up and reassess what i am creating...and has made me REBOOT and start again. Thanks to CHRIS for enlightenment and allowing myself and my partners and many other new film makers the benefit of gleaned knowledge from his mistakes, discoveries and achievements...'
Richard, Writer/Director Filmmaker... London


'There's a lot to take in on this two day adventure, I say adventure as it does really feel like you've been on the journey with Chris all along. Hugely, hugely enjoyable. Thank you!'
Adam, Editor/Director, London, Film Maker


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