The Festival Experience With Alex Fazeli

When I was in LA, I met with film maker Alex Fazeli, shot an interview, and I wrote about it on the blog at the time. His interview is a bonus feature of the now, 14 hour Guerilla Masterclass: Making The World Class Short Film, that is delivered totally online. His interview is about his experiences while on the festival circuit with his 35mm short, ‘In The Dark’. Just after the interview he won the Bermuda Film Festival, giving him the all important Academy Award Qualifier, so he is now in the running for the 2010 Oscars.


This kind of strategic film making is essential if you think your short is a possible Oscar winner, and that strategy is something that we go into detail about in the completely new addition to the online seminar, a further 2 hours about short film sales, exploitation, festivals, awards and of course, The Oscars. Make no mistake, winning awards and especially an Oscar is NOT just a matter of turning up, it’s a political and strategic chess game.


I shot the interview with Alex completely alone, and it was the first foray into self shooting 2 camera interviews with now crew at all! There was lot’s learned!

If you are interested in this online course, it’s still only £69.99 but will go up in the next few weeks. This is to reflect the all new content that has been added to complete the whole journey, from first world class idea, hopefully all the way to the Oscars. You can get the online seminar here… And remember it’s all online, so you can start RIGHT NOW!


And the feedback keeps flowing in, and it’s all amazing…With 100% positive feedback still! Here are the most recent comments left about the seminar…