The Production Office LIVE Season One Feedback and Reviews


Andrew Ellias ‘I started watching the Production Office as someone with a spectator's interest in Film-making, but subsequently I have had the inspiration to produce a 10-year old screenplay that I've been sitting on and will be shooting it this August. Chatting to other film-makers, watching the fantastic interviews and generally feeling like part of a wider community has really made me feel that 'I can do it'.’
Andrew Elias -

Oli Lewington ‘The fantastic element of The Production Office - quite apart from the great banter, fascinating interviews, superb insights and inspirational spirit - is the chat that's open on the side of the screen during the show. This element of interaction with the show itself (via their in-house moderator and question feeder) as well as a networking opportunity with the other filmmakers are what make seeing the show LIVE such an important element of it. It's great that you can watch the shows back whenever you want, but you do feel that you're missing out on a major part of the experience.’
Oli Lewington -

Andy Robinson ‘The Production Office is one of the few places on the web where you truly get the sense that there are other emerging filmmakers out there following a similar path as you. The guests who appear on the show don't feel like they're on some rarefied plane that we'll never reach. They're just like us, and as such are an inspiration to try and emulate what they have achieved. Empowering is an apt word for the series so far.’
Andy Robinson

Adam 'Just wanted to tell you both you & Chris Jones did such marvellous crushing job this season with TPO. This last episode was one of the best of the 10. Everyone was on their best behavior. ;-) David Williams was outspoken and gave some great examples + Freddie was on point. You, of course, were at your Judirific-best. Looking forward to the next round -- and will miss you over the summer.'
Adam Daniel Mezei


‘Current, interesting interviews with successful and struggling filmmakers, interactive and free of charge, inspiring and enlightening, rewarding for the movie buffs with blurred vision, and sponsored by Hawaiian shirts. It's hard to ask for more.
Tom Szekely -

DD ‘I really enjoyed the whole thing, always entertained. It was really well pitched, felt very honest, no virtual sets or attempts at a flash studio…The choice of guests was great, The Plugtatsic horror bloke & Ross Boyask (or his films) would probably not feature in most film programs but it was interesting to hear another side to film making that doesn't involve typical indie film types so a big thumbs up for that. I think you should be applauded for producing a show that never felt like it was selling anything but a love of filmmaking. Potential sponsors may hate it but it felt democratic.’
Dave Deans

‘Good, relaxed, informal and informative. Learned loads and met some cool people in the chat room. There's a couple of US internet film shows about filmmaking - as far as I know this is the only UK one... and it's very important for us to have a UK-centric one, as the industry is different here.’
Zahra -

‘Best thing on the net. There's something for everyone who's interested in making films, and I believe it's beneficial to all levels. The live chat is a great place to ask questions, comment and network with like-minded individuals.’
James DeMarco -

‘Very well presented and produced. I've learnt a lot from all the tips and feel more confident about my career in film’
Paul Barnard

‘Inspired me to actually get on with my project and not wait for someone to give me permission to do so, so to speak’
Christopher Hughes -

‘As someone who has just finished my film degree, I have learnt so much more in these shows than at university and have networked in the chat room at the same time. I will recommend this show to anyone who is related to film. I can’t wait to make a short film now and reckon that the information I gained from this show will make this short better than it could have been. And got to love the crazy Judy lol’
Oliver Dunn - twitter dunnoli

Mark Morris ‘The series helped motivate me. I decided to let every show's topics become my project for the next few days after as a way to entertain and learn at the same time. This was lots of fun as well as surprisingly fascinating in the journeys I undertook’
Mark Morris -

Paul facebook pic ‘Slick, entertaining and informative with some great guests. I'm looking forward to season 2!’
Paul Flaherty

Edward Spek ‘This series has been amazingly informative and I would definitely like to see it continue. The featured guests in particular in each episode have all brought information and advice that was current, insightful and therefore extremely valuable to me. Furthermore, the low-budget approach lends an enormous degree of authenticity and transparency to the show and its creators, such that I truly believe I'm engaging with the bleeding edge of independent filmmaking.’
Edward Spek -

Harold ‘A very varied and exciting venture. It makes you want to go out and shoot just about anything. So much crammed into the show. I watch on catch up the next day and it is there as a good reference guide to refer to later if I don't view it all in one sitting.’
Harold Gasnier -

Nigel Sizer ‘I think it was a great season with people who have actually walked through the minefield that is independent production in the UK. I could identify with many similar scenarios.’
Nigel Sizer

‘I particularly like the overall - Just do it - make your movie message the show keeps re-iterating... which is a message which does bear repeating otherwise for a lot of us making a movie (even a short one) will remain a dream unless the message is pounded into our skulls... also love the homely feel of the show... well done guys...’


'As much as possible, when life and work didn't get in the way, I dedicated myself to the 4.30am start time here in OZ, for one of the best shows I've seen. In my line of work, I see TV shows everyday, and this one was the first to feel genuine, with tried and true content, interviews with real people, real life experiences, that are very relevant to film makers such as myself. The action themed show was very important to me, though being mentioned in it was a nice suprise!
Simon VanDerSpoel, Australia